I am alive for this time. This time when technology and social movement have risen to be the most enormous platforms of my generation. When everything is moving at painstaking speeds and everyone is loud and confident with their questions. I’m alive for a time when personalization and surrender are the buzzwords of my reality. I’m alive for the strong tension of giving and receiving, dying and living, longing and waiting, praying and praising. 

The Red Letters are confronting us and we are being invited to a reality that’s not being taken by the age of “information”. The strong current of this age has a potential to scream what we need, but instead we are choosing Presence. 

Sure, the presence of being. Being aware of what is going on around us in a moment. And also and even more wonderful, the presence of Jesus. 

Jesus in us. through us. Around us. With us. Jesus. 

“We are saying YES. To the promise of His nearness and deciding how we will approach our lives.

Even as culture reviews and deconstructs some of the columns that’ve held up society, for better or for worse. 

Our aim is still to remain tethered to realest and most authentic One. To discover these mysteries He promised of Himself in us the Hope of Glory. The One who knows the most sustainable way to see this world made right. The One whose life is beyond empathetic. The One with a picket sign that reads one word: LOVE. The One who knows how to make it all right.

The One who is aware and cares. 

And we are in His story. 

So this is a state of the present. 

An awareness and an invitation. 

The state of being alive.

Written by Eniola Anna