Focus: The Footsteps of Faith

Romans 4:12, “and to make him the father of the circumcised who are not merely circumcised but who also walk in the footsteps of the faith that our father Abraham had before he was circumcised.”

Faith walks a certain way. It has a certain swagger. Abraham is the father of our faith. When you want to know more about your family or the way of life of your ancestors you sit with your mother or father and listen to stories about how they prevailed over trials and the way in which they navigated life. Fortunately, much of the life of this father of faith has been recorded for us to study. We are people of faith. We were made to walk in the footsteps of faith. Faith takes action! Faith moves! Faith climbs mountains and receives the promises of God. Let’s look at one of the most amazing acts of faith taken by this father of faith!

Genesis 22 The Sacrifice of Isaac

Based on the voice of God, Abraham climbed the mountain to sacrifice his son Isaac. Imagine how much trust was required by Abraham to obey this command. Abraham didn’t reason his way out of obedience. He didn’t appeal to what God had said in a previous season. He obeyed God by rising early in the morning and saddling his donkey. Faith has footsteps. To walk in the faith is to obey God without consulting the idol of understanding or the god of reason. Many of us justify our obedience to God’s voice because we cannot understand it. We want understanding before we obey. This is not how faith works. Faith trusts God’s voice no matter what. And that trust looks like climbing a mountain with your only son, believing that God would provide.

It wasn’t until Abraham got to the top of the mountain, moments from slaughtering his bound son, that the angel of the Lord spoke again. And when he spoke and restrained Abraham, the ram, God’s provision was revealed. If we want to walk with God, following the father of our faith, we must be willing to climb mountains without understanding why. I’ve heard it said that delayed obedience is actually disobedience. We must understand that the power to obey God’s commands is found within the command itself. There is grace to obey within the Voice. When we delay based on our own reasoning, we stop walking by faith and we start walking by the flesh and human reasoning.

What has God spoken to you? Are you willing to obey his voice and His Word regardless of what it may cost you? Your willingness to obey will actually attract God’s voice!