Ignite passion. Teach connection with God. Help people live free. That’s Braveheart Ministries.

Do you feel stuck with God? Are you searching for a deeper connection to Him? Do you long for freedom but still battle the same sin and lies that have plagued you for years? Deep connection with God is possible. True freedom is possible. And it’s yours for the taking.


Braveheart Ministries ignites passion through simple resources that awaken people to freedom so they can have confidence with God and courage to impact the world.


Braveheart Ministries is a grassroots discipleship network that provides simple resources, utilized individually or in small groups, to strengthen the faith and expansion of the church..

Online Classes through BraveheartU:

Freedom with God: This 40 day course is designed to disrupt complacency, teach the truth about God’s character and map out the road to living free from shame, guilt, anxiety and depression.

Back to the Garden: Want connection with God? This 12 lesson course explores God’s desire for intimacy with you and how you can enjoy His presence.

Cultivate Training: This 6-day training will give you a front-row seat to the in-person training we held in Dallas. It was designed to cast vision, inspire and equip leaders.


Confidence with God Quiz:

Feeling stuck, apathetic or confused by your relationship with God? This quiz helps begin the journey of getting unstuck with God.


Speaking Engagements:

With more than 10 years of preaching experience, Peter is an exceptional teacher who brings the Gospel to life and the goodness of God into focus.



Our weekly Braveheart Podcast will deepen your relationship with God as you hear inspired messages that focus on what God is really like and how you can connect to him.


Cultivate Events:

Cultivate is a grassroots discipleship movement focused on restoring the faith of the church by raising up leaders to LIVE a gospel that focuses on Jesus instead of man.



Back to the Gospel: Rejoice in your relationship with God again by being reminded of how big our salvation truly is.

Back to Pentecost: A closer look at the “Promise of the Father” and what the deep purpose behind the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Keep the Blood Warm: A 30 day guide to transform your relationship with God, learn to pray and walk with him daily, and experience lasting peace and joy.



I feel far from God. I feel stuck. I am ashamed. I am unsure of how God feels about me. I am scared. 

Countless people, the same story. And it was my story, too. Shame, exhaustion, a never-ending cycle of longing for intimacy with God but never experiencing it. 

And then I realized: the problem wasn’t God. It was my false views and beliefs of Him. Once I replaced the false views with God’s truth, I began to find freedom with God and the acceptance and intimacy I had always longed for.  

And from that, Braveheart Ministries was born. 

A decade later, we are continuing our mission to provide simple, straightforward resources that transform people from stuck to thriving, lost to free, ashamed to accepted. 

Join our mission. Take a class, read a book, listen to our podcast. Your relationship with God, yourself and others will be transformed. Ready, set, go!

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Do to the number of requests we receive, Peter is not able to respond to specific requests for prayer or prophetic words. Thank you for understanding. 

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