You are what you eat.

The same is true in your spiritual life. In John 6, Jesus reveals the secret to a healthy spiritual diet. There is a spiritual food that will satisfy our hunger and a spiritual drink that will quench our thirst.

There was a group of people that were seeking Jesus after he performed the miracle of the fish and loaves of bread. They start off questioning Jesus about his life and the works he is going to perform only to be confronted by their own unbelief. Jesus finally gets them where he wants them when he reveals that there is a meal that is above all other meals. They finally ask him for this meal. Jesus then reveals himself to be the bread of life and tells them that this flesh and his blood is the spiritual meal that will cause them to live forever and to possess true life.

This obviously confuses them, because at this point he had not given his flesh for the life of the world. The chapter ends with many of his followers abandoning him because they do not understand what he is talking about. His own friends though acknowledge that he has the words of life and they reaffirm their commitment to him.

But what was once a hard saying is now a source of life and simple understanding to true spiritual satisfaction. Neglecting the spiritual truths revealed in John 6 will leave our lives void of true spiritual life, power and energy. For those of you who have fasted (from food) you know that when you stop eating your body slows down and becomes lethargic. If you fast long enough, your body will eventually shut down. It is the same with your spiritual life. According to John 6, the bread of Christ and the wine of his blood is the only meal that possesses true spiritual nourishment. We must understand how to eat this meal.

Just like when we eat food in the natural, it becomes apparent that we have eaten something. We feel our energy coming back, we are quickened and we know that we have eaten something. How much more should we know when we have eaten at the table of God.

It is clear to us now that the giving of his flesh and the spilling of his blood was referring to his work on the cross. It was a future moment in time that he was referring to in John 6. What was he doing? He was setting a table for you and I to eat from for the rest of our lives. That one moment has become a table in the presence of our enemies. It is a place of ongoing spiritual nourishment. But how do we eat? What does it actually mean to eat of the Lord’s flesh and drink his blood?

The cross was a revelation of God’s unconditional, passionate love for mankind. So that moment was never intended to be received as a one time experience. It was meant to be a place that we could remember and daily receive the passion and nourishment of God’s love and affection for us. Allowing God’s love to penetrate deep into our hearts is the way in which we eat. Letting God love you. Remembering the cross and the giving of Christ’s flesh and blood and allowing that truth to refresh and strengthen us on a daily basis is the only way we will experience the abundant life promised to us in the New Covenant.

Take time each day and allow the love of God to enter into your heart. Sometimes his love looks like encouragement, sometimes it looks like discipline and correction, other times it looks like comfort. However it comes though, know that your spiritual life was designed by God to operate off of Christ’s love for you.