I had grown up in church, I’d, you know, done the whole church thing my whole life. But I always just felt like it was just rules, rules, rules, and I didn’t have the right tools to do whatever the people at church wanted me to do.

So I believe the Lord is all about family, and I think if you go back to the very beginning of the Bible, you see that whenever the Lord created the earth, Adam and Eve, and they were in relationship with him, right? That was the most important thing. God’s all about family. God’s all about relationship in family, specifically Him as Father. Whenever the enemy came, he broke up that family, sin entered into the picture, fear hit. And there was a disconnect between God the Father and His people.

I grew up in a family that was broken. My dad wasn’t able to be there for us starting at about the age of 13. And that just left me feeling very alone, feeling very isolated, feeling very broken. As I started to grow up, you know, I just can look back now and I can just see that the enemy really took that opportunity to speak lies over me–lies that I’m not worthy, lies that I’m unlovable, lies that I don’t have what it takes, right? There’s no self-confidence, no self-esteem, I didn’t feel like I belonged, right. I felt like I was unworthy, and I didn’t have an identity as a son. Right. And I don’t have an identity as a son, that I’m an orphan.


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