My name is Wayne Edson, I’m a volunteer chaplain in the Texas prison system. I first started prison ministry in 2014. In September of 2014, I was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer. In October of 2014, we did a Kairos weekend event, which is a four-day evangelism event with 42 men in attendance. At my particular table, I had six men. On Sunday evening, after we finished our closing of the weekend, I was driving home by myself and I had a wrestling match with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was convicting me that I had spent four days with these six men sharing all about Jesus and His power, but I had neglected to ask them to pray for me about the cancer diagnosis. I got home that night very late, sat down, and wrote six letters in which I asked each of the men to forgive me for not talking to them about the needs that I had. I told them they could help by putting me in their prayers. 

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