One Saturday morning, God woke me up at about 4:30 am. I heard Him say, in my spirit, “Go to IHOP.” He said, “There’s a lady that I want you to talk to and I want you to go right now.” I got up, put my clothes on, headed up to IHOP, and where I was seated there was an older lady, who was my waitress. When she came over to wait on me, I heard the Holy Spirit saying, “It’s her.” She took my drink order, laid a menu down, and when she left, I asked Him “What do you want me to say to her?” In that moment He (God) showed me a graphic vision of an old dog that was malnourished and looked like it had been beaten and chained to a tree. I started to dialogue with Him (God) about what the image meant and what He wanted me to say. He said, that “Loyalty was a very high value in her life. Loyalty was like the biggest value that she had in life and the relationships she was involved in had just about beaten all the loyalty out of her.” God said she’d been blaming Him for it and that I (Ray) needed to tell her, it was not God, that He still has plans for her life, and that she is amazing. 

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