I remember one day waking up with crazy anxiety. I went outside to smoke cigarettes to get peace; to get rid of the anxiety, but it didn’t help. I was like, “okay I don’t know what to do.” I don’t think that I really believed in the Lord at the time, but I asked the Father for help. In fact, I think I said, “if you are real.” I asked Him to take this away from me; and I wasn’t talking about take away what I was doing or the way I was living. I just wanted Him to take away the anxiety. It was riding me. I had never felt anything like it before. I felt the love of God hit my heart and it was like this radiating feeling, like a flooding of my heart. I could feel His affections and I could hardly breathe. I was trying to catch my breath. As that happened, I just pictured myself in a big chair that I couldn’t fit in.

I was in the big chair, but I was looking back down at my myself sitting on the backstairs of my house. I felt the Lord was telling me ‘that because of my crying out to the Lord, that He had seated me in heavenly places with Him. That my sins were forgiven and He sees me rightly now.’ He put me on His chair; I am now seated in His chair. Remember, this is broad daylight and that’s why I’m so confused. I thought things like this happen at night, you know, in your room or something. I’m confused and I’m afraid to look at the sky, because I feel I’m gonna see God if I look up. But then this joy hit me and I was like laughing like, “He’s real! He’s real! and people are wrong about this God because He is real!” I cried out, I mean literally. He came in and I could feel love and I just was feeling love. Like, His love was on me.

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