My family was meeting with another to have lunch, we arrived a little late and my buddy Johnny was already talking with a guy wearing a youth ministry t-shirt. Johnny, who is on staff at a church, saw the t-shirt as an opportunity to engage in conversation and he ended up sitting with us for lunch. The discussion centered around church topics and this guy was talking about becoming a deacon.

When he heard I went to seminary he was asking about my experience there. He brought up the story of his friend that believed in the gifts. This friend of his was out doing healing prayers and things like it, but he wanted to go to seminary, so he could learn how to correct and help him from the scriptures. He believed that supernatural stuff like that had ended. I’m listening I understand what he means. However, I’m at that point in my journey where I’m now open to the supernatural. I’ve seen God move in ways that before I thought had ceased that had been challenging my beliefs.

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