Good morning, Condemnation. Hello Accuser. I see you, Self-hatred. Let me tell you that today is your final day. Let me tell you that today is your final day and let me pour the blood of Jesus down your throat. For I have exposed you, and you are through. You masked yourself as Humility and you flaunted yourself as Piety. But I know who you are now, and I’m not listening to you anymore. For My King has spoken on account of me. His death gives me value and His blood restores my beauty.

Beautiful woman, don’t let him lie to you. Who is it that defines you by your failure? Who is it that parades your sin around and humiliates you? It is not your King! It is not the Risen One who was raised to life to make intercession for you. Beloved, make much of His precious blood shed for you. You were created to be beautiful. He purchased life for you when He hung on that tree. That devil has tried to seduce you either by getting you to mask your beauty by covering you with shame or by using your beauty to cause you pain. Both are lies. You are beautiful and sought after. You are glorious. His light shines on your face. Don’t be cast down. So, to Shame, I tell you that I’m beautiful. To Pain, I tell you that He heals you. To Hiding, I tell you, Come out and be glorious.

Kristi Louis

Take a few minutes and let the truth of this song wash over you:
Aint No Grave

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